Payment Plans

We offer a variety of different payment plans catered to the individual needs of each business.
Among the alternatives are, the following:


This is the most common plan used by our customers. Equal lease payment are made monthly over the term of the lease.


If you prefer to pay quarterly, we can arrange for you to make payments every three months.


Under certain circumstances, we can allow you to make a payment just once a year. This is a popular alternative for some government entities and municipalities.


If you don't expect your equipment to begin generating positive cash flow for a period of time, we can defer your first payment up to 90 days allowing you to ramp up operations.


For businesses that experience cash flow fluctuation due to a seasonal business cycle, this plan will allow you to match your payments within the revenues generated from the equipment. Organizations that typically utilize this plan are agricultural, educational and recreational.


Similar to the seasonal plan, if you need to skip a payment or two a year for financial or operational purposed, we'll design a plan to accommodate your needs.


These plans are set up with payments that either increase or decrease over the lease term. Step-up lease increase over the life of the lease and are ideal for businesses with steep learning curves or that are in a growth phase. Step-down lease decrease over the course of the lease and allow you to minimize you financial charges.


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